External Disk Data Recovery Software

External disks are most popularly used storage devices and they come in various sizes. Data is stored as a backup in these devices for future use. Moreover, users generally go with storing pictures, videos audio files and all other documents, office files and other stuff in an external storage device. At some unfavorable situations, the data stored on these external drives could get erased or lost. It indeed is troublesome to encounter data loss disasters with vital files on the removable HD.

Scenarios that causes loss of data from external hard disk:

Corrupt Drive: When the external drive gets corrupted all the important information present in the drive remain inaccessible. The storage drive turns corrupt due to sudden power cuts, abrupt system shut down, improper removal of the drive during any read/write operations on the drive

Virus Infection: Virus can also creep into the external HD when connected to a virus infected computer. A file transfer (read/write) between the system may convert the file system into a RAW disk.

Accidental Format There is also a chance for losing entire data from the disk with an unintended format operation. An accidental hit on format button will erase all the file contents stored on the drive. Even so, at times users mistakenly delete certain files/folders on the external drive and are not able to restore them.

An ultimate way to restore external HD drive data is here

The External Disk Recovery tool is the best available software to recover data from external disk that is corrupt or lost due to various reasons (like the above-discussed). The program works by performing a deep scan on the disk and safely retrieve the drive data without modifying the source contents.

The disk recovery tool can easily extract drives formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT file systems . Moreover, all brands of external HDD, Solid State Drives and other external USB drives can make use of this utility to revive data that is been lost or erased. The recovered data from the external hard disk can be saved on CD/DVD or on any other storage media available to the host operating system. You can easily get the tool downloaded on both Windows and Mac operating systems (supports till the latest available version).

Steps to perform external hard disk recovery:

Step 1: Double-click on the setup file and install the application program in the system. Run the tool and click on “Recover Drives” option from the main screen of the software.

External Disk Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted” recovery option

External Disk Recovery - Select Mode of recovery

Step 3: The files which are recovered after the recovery process can be viewed prior to saving them on the destination folder.

External Disk Recovery - Save File Screen

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