Crashed External Hard Disk Recovery Software

External hard disks are nowadays the most preferred devices for storing all the information present on the system. They are capable of storing almost all types of files present in the computer. You can store all files such as audio files, video files, image files and all the other documents that are important in everyday life. Unfortunately, due to many reasons the information present in the devices get lost or deleted due to various reasons as mentioned below. Well, dont get panic if you are aware of how to recover the important files from the system, these files are not permanently lost from the drives, only the link to that particular file is removed so that new data can be placed in the same location. The External Disk Recovery tool recovers all the information that is lost from the external hard disk within a short span of time. For more information regarding corrupted external hard disk recovery, you can go here -

Scenarios that causes hard disk crash:

Power Surge: Power surge is one of the main reasons for a crash of the external hard drive. The sudden power cuts while the files are being used in the system or when there is a transfer of files from a system to the external drive will result in loss of all the files that were being used for transfer of information. All the applications present in the system and other documents loaded into the drive become inaccessible when the external drive gets crashed.

Multiple OS Installation: While installing multiple operating systems in the same computer the hard drive present in it may get crashed due to various reasons. During multiple OS installation, the hard drive present in the system may get crashed as there will be multiple file systems operating in the single drive. Hence, due to a crash of the drive all the data present in it is loss and hence the system needs to be installed again with a single operating system to gain access to the computer.

Resize Partition: There are various types of information present in the system. The data present in the drive or in multiple drives need to be in order. To keep these files in a separate drive the partitions need to be resized and the data stored. During the resizing of the partition, the drive may get corrupted and hence all the information present in the drive is lost.

The External Hard Disk Crash Recovery tool is developed within advanced features to scan the entire drive within minutes and recover data from a Western Digital external hard drive. This tool uses the powerful scanning techniques to scan and recover the files from the particular drive which had lost all the information as result, of multiple OS installation in the same system. This tool easily identifies and recovers more than 300 file types including documents, archives and other important file types based on their unique signatures. The files recovered from a RAW external hard drive ( are sorted on the basis of name, size of the file, date, type of file extension used for the particular file. The save recovery session is made available within this tool saves the recovery/scanning process, hence the drive need not be scanned again to recover all the files and other documents that have been lost from the external HDD. A separate tool has been developed to retrieve external hard drive on Mac operating systems.

Steps to recover crashed hard drive:

Step1: Download and install the software in the system. Click on the “Recover Drives” option from the main screen.

External Hard Disk Crash Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: In the next screen click on “Partition Recovery” to recover the crashed partition from the system. Select the drive and click on the “Next” button to start the scanning process.

External Hard Disk Crash Recovery - Select Drive Screen

Fig 2: Select Drive Screen

Step3: After the scanning is completed the recovered files can be previewed prior to saving them on the desired location.

External Hard Disk Crash Recovery - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Data View Screen

A footnote :

To keep oneself away from any data loss disasters to recover formatted HDD or SSD storage, maintain a proper backup all the important information present in separate drive and update it periodically.