How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive on Mac

External hard drives are nothing but hard disks that are used to store all the backup data from the system. These storage devices are portable and hence can be taken and connected to other systems for the sharing of the data that is required to complete the task. As the files are not safe and may get lost or damaged due to the various reasons mentioned below. You need not lose the heart out thinking how to recover all the data from the external hard drive connected to the Mac operating system. External Disk Recovery tool for Mac, developed with advanced features to recover all the data present in the drive without missing even a single file from it.

Scenarios that causes loss of files from external Mac hard drive:

Unintentional Format: The unintentional format of the mac external hard drive will cause deletion of all the important data present in it. While formatting the other drive connected to the system unintentionally the external hard drive is formatted and hence all the data present it is lost. It’s very frustrating to know that how a single click of the mouse will cause such a huge loss of all the important files present in the system.

Fragmentation Error: As the hard drives are very large in size the information that is stored is scattered through the entire disk. To place the data in an arranged order on the hard drive fragmentation has to be done. While fragmenting all the information is accessed from the drive and placed in an order. Due to some software malfunction fragmentation error of the particular drive takes place and hence all the data present in the drive is lost as it cannot be accessed by the user.

Multiple OS Installation: There are several errors that occur while installing multiple operating systems on a single system. As a result of human errors in the drive while installing the OS the external drive connected to the system gets formatted and hence as result all the data present in it gets erased.

The easiest way to retrieve data from external disks on Macintosh

The External disk recovery tool developed for Mac operating system recovers data from various Mac OS volumes present in the system and lists the recovered files on the basis of name, file size, date of creation of the files and the extensions used to specify the type of file. There are many options available for the external hard disk crash recovery in this tool which restores the data present within a short span of time. Check out this page to extract more details. The files which are recovered from the recovery process can be viewed using the Mac finder style interface. This tool has been specially built in with a universal binary application that supports both Intel and PowerPC Mac and also helps to recover files from a raw external hard drive. This recovery software is supported by the save recovery session feature using which the scanning process can be saved during any time of the scan and hence this saved session can be used while the full version of the tool is activated. Using this tool the western digital external HDD recovery process can be carried out effectively. Navigate to page and read more

One can also get this software in Windows version for corrupted external hard disk recovery. The software will scan all sectors from corrupted hard disk and restores all data from it. If you are looking to know how to recover files on corrupted external hard disk, read here for more information -

Steps to recover external hard drive data on Mac:

Step1: Install the software in the system and click on “Recover Drives” from options provided on the main screen.

Recover External Hard Drive on Mac - Mac Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step2: As per the scenario in which the data loss took place, click on either “Volumes Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” options to recover the information from the drive.

Recover External Hard Drive on Mac - Mac Select Mode of Recovery Screen

Fig B: Mode of Recovery Screen

Step3: Select the drive and click the “Next” button to start the scanning process. Once the scanning is completed the recovered files are listed.

Recover External Hard Drive on Mac - Mac Preview Screen

Fig C: Data View Screen